Monthly Archives: July 2012

Tru Skool Tuesday: Leaders of the New School Reunion!

Checkit-checkit-checkitout! LOTNS & DTMD have me amped enough to keep this one short. Enjoy your Tuesday (or any/every day).

What is this? Leaders of the New School Reunion performance??!!?

Give this album a listen (or two, three…).

Here’s a lil bonus that i don’t think i’ve posted yet!


Mixtape Monday: Slaying the Dance Floor


Peace! This week’s musical mixologist, DJ Ripley, delivers a nice mix of global bass, dubstep, and house for di people! Check it out and feel free to dance evenas you grind.

Much Love


Tru Skool Tuesday: Devotion

Peace! I love it when i can share artists who are “makin’ hip hop look cool again.” My lil homie, R.i.C from Chicago, just released his latest single this past weekend. The track is off his very first mixtape titled,  “BreakingHoolig@ns.” Be on the lookout for that. I’m always impressed with R.i.C.’s production and lyricism. As he continue’s to grow and fine tune his craft, he will do great things with his music.


Next is Honors English, whose album ST△TE OF THE △RT has been on repeat since i first got hipped to this brother! I’m loving this video and song. The Jodeci flip is insane!