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Ol’ Skool Sunday

This long-overdue post is inspired by the exquisite musical tastes of Mr. Femstar aka Oluwafemi, Organic Soul Chef, and some of my recent digging adventures. I hope the vibes help you enjoy your Sunday!

Beggar & Co. – “Rising Sun”

Cameo – “Back and Forth”

Skyy Line – Let’s Celebrate

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 12.04.58 PM


Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Best Cartoon Music

Okay, so i woke up this morning singing the song that introduced me to vegan cuisine (i’m almost serious). From there, i began to think about all of the great TV show (typically cartoon) songs that i know by heart, even today. I’m pleased to share them here!

[On another note, i think i’ve uncovered another life goal for myself… to compose theme songs and background music for cartoons. Any filmmakers or cartoonists looking for music??!??!]

– Much Love

The Beets – “Killer Tofu”

So this song didn’t originate from the TV series, but it sure did embed this track in my heart as THE essential Kid ‘n Play tune

Who doesn’t like this one?!?

Taking it waaaay back with this one… 80s all day, baby!

I would lose my 80s baby card if i didn’t include these next two





Ol Skool Sunday: Soulful Life

Happy Sunday! This post is inspired by my recent introduction to Alice Clark. It all happened one sunny spring afternoon at a record store. She peered at me in a disinterested, though compelling way. I tried to ignore her, but found myself back at the records store two days later trying to find out more about this woman and her music. What i learned about Alice Clark’s music made me an instant fan! Even better, she introduced me to some other singers. This post provides a brief intro to some of these new additions to my playlist!

— Much Love

Alice Clark – “Looking at Life”

Jo Ann Garrett – “A Whole New Plan”

Candi Staton – “Stand by Your Man”

Alice Clark

Long Live Afropop!: Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits

Happy Sunday, EVERYONE! As the new year gets going, i am excited to share some great events with you. One of them is a concert and dance party with the Zimbabwean pop star, Oliver Mtukudzi & The Black Spirits who will be whose Philadelphia debute is  January 12, 2013! I have the honor of playing this show alongside DJs Lil’Dave and Junior of the Eavesdrop Radio crew!

As i begin preparing for this event, i’m listening to and channeling the vibe of some of my favorite Tuku tracks (see below), as well as many other great Zimbabwean artists, including Thomas Mapfumo, Netsayi, Audius, and Joseph Garakara & Mbama Express! If you’re in Philly, you will definitely want to attend this event! For now, please enjoy a few selections.

— Much Love



01-12-13 TUKU

Ol Skool Sunday: A 70s Moment

I’m digging in the crates (as usual) for some classic gems. As always, i’m overwhelmed with great music, but somehow managed to narrow my selections down to a bite-sized sample of what i’m listening to this week. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Ol’ Skool Sunday!

– Much Love





Ol’ Skool Sunday: Right Side Up

I just bought this Fela Kuti album from one of DuiJi 13’s (soon-to-be-famous) sidewalk record sales! The B-side, “Go Slow” has a CRAZY nice bass line that i can’t get outta my head. I would include it in this post if only i could find it on youtube. Oh well…

If you’re in Philly, be on the lookout for Señor Thirteen’s record sales in front of the A-Space. Happy Ol’ Skool Sunday!

– Much Love