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Africana Endless Summer Series in Washington, DC

Many thanks to Zach & AIAC for this write-up! Sonic D’s Africana Endless Summer in DC is the place to be. Check it out if you’re in the DC area this summer. Yours truly will be back on the decks on July 21 with my main man, Itzi Nallah!

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

It’s starting to get sticky in Washington DC and that means it’s time for music to migrate from the nightclub to the street. To bring people together in the name of celebrating African music and dance from across the continent and the Diaspora, Beshou Gedamu, organizer of DC’s Sonic Diaspora music parties, devised the Africana Endless Summer series. The series, which kicks off this Sunday, May 12th, is a biweekly coalescing of sonic souls that features some incredible DJs, including AIAC’s own Chief Boima. We asked Beshou to tell us about the new event and the state of the African dance music scene in DC:

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This is written by my good bro and fellow People’s DJ, Chapulin!

I don’t know what to really call this music: global bass, nucumbia, electro cumbia. I like electropical because the name describes what the music is – tropical beats with electronic elements.

I have been trying to find music like this since about 2000.  This list is a bit of my journey. I hope you like it.  And please comment with friendly additions!

Señor Coconut

This was the first example of this type of music I found. It was 2000 or 2001.  I was in Lubbock, TX, and I wanted more of this!

Trans Europe Express (Cumbia) – Señor Coconut

For me, the whole album by Senor Coconut, aka Atom Heart, is a classic, though Pitchfork only gave it a 6.0 when it was released.  Señor Coconut Y Su ConjuntoEl Baile Aleman

Nortec Collective

I found this music while in Mexico, listening to the radio. For…

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Rhymes & Reasons

Brotha Ed Onaci

Brotha Onaci is a student, teacher, and turntable liberationist who uses DJing to bring progressive change to the world. A former Chicago resident, he helped co-found Sonic Diaspora and the People’s DJs Collective. Now in Philadelphia, Brotha Onaci spins at various venues and events in the area. You can also check him out during Sonic Diaspora at Patty Boom Boom in DC on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month.

Rhymes:     Mos Def “If You Can Huh, You Can Hear,” Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones,” and J-Live “Traveling Music”
More Info on Brotha Onaci:
Songs From this Interview:
Mos Def “If You Can Huh, You Can Hear”

Mos Def “Universal Magnetic”

Reflection Eternal ft. Mos Def “Fortified Live”

GZA “Swordsman”

Mobb Deep “Still Shinin'”

Killah Priest “B.I.B.L.E.”

Reflection Eternal “Manifesto”

Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones”

Lauryn Hill…

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Tru Skool Tuesday: Radiant Hip Hop Coming At’chya

About one year ago, several emcees and producers blessed me with a collection of hip hop that became my first long-standing internet mixtape! “Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 1” was an instant “classic” (in my eyes, at least), both because of the diverse people who came together to create it, and the various ideas and forms musical expression represented. Because it was such a successful project, i decided to do another one!

Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 2 is shaping up to be as good and more representative of hip hop’s global presence. Artist contributions have come in from the U.S., Nigeria, Namibia, Germany, South Africa, and elsewhere. To say that i’m excited about the Feb. 13 release of volume 2 is an understatement!!! I hope you are looking forward to it as well.

Stream, download, and share “Radiant Souls Vol. 1,” and please spread the word about the next installment! More details will be available soon via facebook and my “mixserv” (message me to sign up). Thanks so much for your continued support.

Much Love

Write A Review of Chicago Freedom School!!!

Chicago Freedom School needs your help! We have an opportunity to win the $5,000 prize that GuideStar USA, Inc., the leading source of nonprofit information, and KIMBIA, a group that empowers nonprofits and other organizations to increase giving, are making available through their Winter 2011 GuideStar-KIMBIA Nonprofit Giveaway. This generous gift would help us accomplish our mission, specifically supporting youth and adult allies committed to youth-led and intergenerational social change. Anyone with firsthand knowledge about us who is not a paid employee of Chicago Freedom School—donors, volunteers, board members, recipients of our services—can write a review about us on GuideStar. Your review will appear in our profile on both GuideStar and GreatNonprofits, GuideStar’s partner that makes it possible to write and post reviews. There is no charge for writing a review, but you are limited to posting only one review for our organization.
To write a review, please click on the CFS Guidestar Profile. For more information, see the official rules. The giveaway begins on February 1, 2011, and ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT, February 28, 2011.
I gave them Five Stars, and so can you. Thanks so much for taking time out to help this great organization.

Much Love