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Green Smoothies & Other Tasty Treats to Help You Avoid Caffeine

I sometimes try not to consume caffeine, especially coffee. Among my various reasons are: (1) even though i LOOOOVE coffee, the caffeine does not love me back; (2) Some of my go-to health gurus recommend limiting one’s caffeine intake because this addictive drug reeks havoc on many people adrenal systems; and (3) I like to change things up periodically. During these caffeine-free situations, i find other tasty ways to energize myself throughout the day. Green smoothies and fresh juices are useful.  These are especially good during the seasons when a greater variety of fruit is available (and probably a little cheaper). They help the detox process go a little smoother, which helps me not be such a grouch! Here are a few options that help me.


Green Smoothie & FanonI absolutely LOVE green smoothies!!! They taste good, help me work plenty of greens into my daily diet life-it, and allow me to explore fruits and foods that i might not otherwise think twice about. For example, i had never heard of lucuma or acai powder before i got into green smoothies. Now, i always have some in my pantry.


Here are two recipes that i enjoy:

Cherry-Banana Green Smoothie
1c vegan milk
1-2 bananas 5-6 cherries [or more!]
2t Lucuma Powder
1t Acai Powder
2T nut butter [i use cashew or almond]
Fresh kale or spinach work well [or any other greens you like]

1c walnut milk
2 pitted and soaked dates
1 inch peeled raw ginger
2-3 frozen bananas
pinch of cinnamon [to your taste] 1/4t (or more) Maringa or Spirulina

Fresh greens


First and foremost… DRINK MORE WATER!!! So many times, we forget how important water is for proper body function.

Fresh Juice
If you can get your hands on a juicer (any ol’ juicer will do), you will be doing yourself a HUGE favor. Like smoothies, fresh fruit and veggie juices are great snacks and may even act as periodic meal replacements.
There are a variety of caffeine free teas out there. I go for Rooibos or Honeybush tea when i want the sensation of drinking something warm, but don’t want the caffeine. One quick warning is to go for the high quality teas. Some brands include potentially harmful substances in their tea and tea bags, so choose carefully.


Assuming you’re not allergic, a handful of cashews, almonds, or sunflower seeds can go a looooong way when you’re battling sleep after lunch. Mix them together with some raisins and you’ve got a delicious snack that might also sooth your sweet tooth. I’ve recently had conversations with people who told me that they’re supposed avoid these items because of their fat content. I would argue that if you’re trying to limit your fat intake, go for the nuts and seeds and cut back (or completely cut out) the saturated animal fats. Studies have shown that fat from plants is much better for your body than animal fat. You don’t want to over consume any fatty food. But when you consider the various options, i think it’s better to indulge in some homemade trail mix than to feast on the steak.Just my humble opinion.

Now for a simple recipe:

1/4c Raw or RoastedAlmond
1/4c Raw or Roasted Cashew
1/2c Raw or Roasted Sunflower seed
1/4 c Raisins or date chunks
and if you don’t mind being bad…
dark chocolate (which will likely have a tad bit of caffeine, by the way) Enjoy!

Mixtape Monday: DJ Eko Presents “¡PALETA! Vol.1”

Peace! This installment of Mixtape Monday is coming in from DJ Eko whose Soultronica Mixes are creating quite the buzz. Her “¡PALETA! Vol.1” mix weaves “Afrobeats” of Nigeria and Ghana with some fantastic Caribbean and South American flavors. The mix makes a brotha smile and move uncontrollably as i listen. I have a feeling that you will also enjoy it!

You know the drill: stream and/or download this mix, then share it with a couple-few friends!


Ol’ Skool Sunday

This long-overdue post is inspired by the exquisite musical tastes of Mr. Femstar aka Oluwafemi, Organic Soul Chef, and some of my recent digging adventures. I hope the vibes help you enjoy your Sunday!

Beggar & Co. – “Rising Sun”

Cameo – “Back and Forth”

Skyy Line – Let’s Celebrate

Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 12.04.58 PM