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Mixtape Monday: Trans-Atlantic Africanisms

Happy Monday! This mix is incredibly dope. ‘Nuff said (yes, i took back to the 90s on that one). It features a great remix of Nomisupasta’s “Maybe I,” as well as several other deep & dope gems. I hope you enjoy it. Much Love.

– Brotha O


Ol’ Skool Sunday: Anti-Boderation Dance

Bless! Ol’ Skool Sunday is back again. This week, i’m giving thanks for some great Reggae artists (as i like to do periodically). In doing so, i think i came to realization that Steel Pulse is one of my favorite bands (woo hoo!).

Anyways (and always), i hope you enjoy these great songs. Much Love.

– Brotha O

Steel Pulse, “Blues Dance Raid”

Rita Marley, “I’m Still Waiting”

Third World, “96 Degrees”

Tru Skool Tuesday: He Is Slot-A

Peace & Blessings! This week’s Tru Skool pick comes from my guy, Slot-A. He’s been releasing tracks on the sneak tip (i.e. i somehow am just now finding out about these). I am hereby using this post to expose his work to the world! LOL.

Jokes aside, enjoy the tracks on the brother’s bandcamp (my current favorites are Discography and Life That I Chose) and show him some love.

– Brotha Onaci

Mixtape Monday: A Year-End Recap Of Sorts

Mixtape Monday is something i look forward to each week (along with my other regular posts). So many great DJs are making their mixes available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Podomatic, and many other websites, that one can literally get through each week without hearing the same thing twice. There’s a world of music out there, and as long as it’s available, i’m trying to hear it ALL! The downside for me is that i find it hard to develop a strong connection with DJs, artists, and songs in the same way that i did back in the analog days.

For that reason, i’m taking a week or two off from listening to DJ mixes. What that actually means, is that i won’t be binging on them and posting as i usually do. I will, however, ask that YOU go back through the mixtape archive that i’ve been building up by simply clicking on the “Mixtape Monday” tag just below the title for this post. Rediscover some of the talent out there in the World (Wide Web). Leave comments for the DJs you like; i’m absolutely certain that they’ll appreciate hearing from you.

I will be greeting 2012 with some new mixes to promote events i’m getting involved in, as well as to chart some new personal territory as my musical tastes continue to expand and evolve. I’m getting the next “Radiant Souls” mixtape ready for Feb. 2012. Also, “Sonic Diaspora” is still going strong, so i’ll have more of those mixes coming at you throughout the year! I suggest that you stay tuned to my facebook page and get down with my mixserv by emailing me ( so that you can get everything first!

Much Love & Gratitude for all your support and inspiration.

– Brotha Onaci

Ol’ Skool Sunday: Oh So Cold

Heeeey there! I hope you’re well on this brisk (at least where i am) Sunday… Ol’ Skool Sunday, that is. This week i’ve been hearing great 80s R&B just about everywhere. The mobile concerts (cars w/ deafening systems) riding on my block have particularly helpful! So, here it is. I hope you enjoy these great tunes. If you’re a Peace Partyer, then they will prepare you for Danny’s dance floor. Much Love.

– Brotha O

Chaka Khan, “Ain’t Nobody”

Meli’sa Morgan, “Fools Paradise”

Loose Ends, “Watching You”

Tru Skool Tuesday: How Great Musicians Do

I recently had the privilege of sharing some space with a great jazz singer who was lamenting the loss of music programs for children in Philly. As she spoke, she commented on the difference between synthesized music (which she said children were forced to create in the absence of traditional instruments) and performances with instrumentalists (she didn’t distinguish between those who are trained and those who play by ear). Specifically, she stated that synthesized music doesn’t capture human emotion. In many ways, i agree with her. Although i disagree with the claim that synthesized music lacks human emotion, i do believe that instrumentalists better capture and, therefore, transmit that aspect of humanity through music.

I think that is why i appreciate The Roots so much. Ever since i first heard “Proceed” and “Silent Treatment” (i heard them on the same day), i’ve been a fan. Black Thought was on point, but there was something about the “beats” that really resonated with my soul. When i later learned that The Roots are a band, it began to make sense. The live instruments seemed vibrate at a level that forced me to be more critical of everything else i listened to. I believe that they were a major factor in my embrace and promotion of what i then called “real” and/or “underground” hip hop.

Since that Saturday afternoon in 1995, The Roots have not ceased to impress me. Their 13th album, the Undun is great, and i believe that i’ll have it on heavy rotation for a while. You can read all about the album concept on Okayplayer. As you’re reading about, STREAM IT FOR FREE. The link probably will not work after today (Nov. 6), so once you’re convinced that it’s good, cop it and enjoy it to your heart’s content.

So, there it is. Happy Tru Skool Tuesday!

– Brotha Onaci

This is my ish right here:

Mixtape Monday: Essence of Hip Hop Vol. 1

Peace & More Peace! This week’s mixtape pick is a great throwback by DJ Fatcat from Philly. It’s straight up “Golden Era” hip hop that will make vinylphiles and hip hop heads (like myself) drool. Check it out and enjoy!

– Brotha Onaci

Click on the Picture to Stream and/or download this mix!