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Muhsinah: Wildseed of Rhythm

It’s not very often that i give my blind support to anything. However, sometimes a person, cause, or whatever has demonstrated enough of their merit of purpose, integrity, and/or artistic genius that i lend my endorsement to whatever they do. Muhsinah is one of the few musicians (and all-around artists) for whom i will currently do this. With that stated — and clearly, i hope — please help her with her current project, “Dear_________,” – The Debut Studio Album + Independent Short Film by Muhsinah. It is a short film and soundtrack she’s been working on, and would like to release in the very near future.

In case you’re not familiar with Muhsinah, i’ve posted some of my favorite tracks below for your listening/viewing pleasure.

Muhsinah, “Construction”

The Foreign Exchange F. Muhsinah, “Daykeeper”

Eric Lau F. Muhsinah, “Always Will”

Muhsinah, “Deux Three”

Muhsinah “Lose My Fuse”


Free Wayne?: A Frightening Analogy of Our Political Consciousness

Let’s get this straight. Lil Wayne goes to Rikers on gun charges and gets his face placed on a t-shirt for all to see.  Several people are locked up for their ideas, and most people don’t even know their names.  Weezy promotes violence, misogyny, drug use, etc. In return for his labor, We reward him by making sure that his prison schedule  and activities become part of our entertainment. We wouldn’t want him to feel forgotten. Mumia promotes the destruction of all forms of oppression.  In return, he’s placed on death row and We rarely bother to mention what We can do for him and several other political prisoners to make sure that they know We haven’t forgotten about them. Why aren’t We pressuring the most famous artists to lend their spot in the light to raise awareness about social injustices?  Maybe Drake’s mixtape title, “So Far Gone”, is more descriptive of us that We’d like to admit.