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Mixtape Monday: Cloak Dagger at Betel NYC

Mixtape Monday is here again! This week, i’ve got a fantastic mix from my man, Cloak Dagger. His “Betel” mix is good for two things: (1) Getting your morning or week started on the right foot; (2) Learning how to build the musical energy over the course of a set. Of course, it’s also good for movin’ and groovin’ in every other occasion! So, give this a listen then let Cloak know what you think. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

—  Much Love



Cloak Dagger


Africana Endless Summer Series in Washington, DC

Many thanks to Zach & AIAC for this write-up! Sonic D’s Africana Endless Summer in DC is the place to be. Check it out if you’re in the DC area this summer. Yours truly will be back on the decks on July 21 with my main man, Itzi Nallah!

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

It’s starting to get sticky in Washington DC and that means it’s time for music to migrate from the nightclub to the street. To bring people together in the name of celebrating African music and dance from across the continent and the Diaspora, Beshou Gedamu, organizer of DC’s Sonic Diaspora music parties, devised the Africana Endless Summer series. The series, which kicks off this Sunday, May 12th, is a biweekly coalescing of sonic souls that features some incredible DJs, including AIAC’s own Chief Boima. We asked Beshou to tell us about the new event and the state of the African dance music scene in DC:

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Ol Skool Sunday: Soulful Life

Happy Sunday! This post is inspired by my recent introduction to Alice Clark. It all happened one sunny spring afternoon at a record store. She peered at me in a disinterested, though compelling way. I tried to ignore her, but found myself back at the records store two days later trying to find out more about this woman and her music. What i learned about Alice Clark’s music made me an instant fan! Even better, she introduced me to some other singers. This post provides a brief intro to some of these new additions to my playlist!

— Much Love

Alice Clark – “Looking at Life”

Jo Ann Garrett – “A Whole New Plan”

Candi Staton – “Stand by Your Man”

Alice Clark

Tru Skool Tuesday: Devoted Part I

“the first records that i played never played me, and i can still play them today because they stay true”
— J-Live

I’ve been thinking a lot about 90s hip hop… partially because i’ve had Tribe’s People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm on repeat for the last few days, but also because i often look to the “good ol’ days” of Hip Hop for inspiration. (Disclaimer: i don’t believe that Hip Hop culture or rap music were “pure” during the 90s. In fact, i believe that many artists promoted the exact same stuff i dislike now, only in baggier clothes. I do, however, think that there was more variety than there is now. There was Tribe and Bahamadia to balance out some of the more violent and misogynistic elements.) Because of that, i’d like to share some tracks that crossed my mind and entered my ears in recently. They remind me of why and how i became so passionate about rap music and Hip Hop culture. I play them today and they don’t let me down!


A Tribe Called Quest — “Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)”

Heather B — “If Headz Only Knew”

BlackStar — “Definition”

Heather B & Keith Murray

Mixtape Monday: The Best Mixes…

Sometimes the best mixes come from selectors who aren’t necessarily interested in playing at all the biggest night clubs while doing some absurd pose waiting for all the camera phone to capture the moment.  In fact, i’ve learned time and time again that the best mixes offer a selection of music that i can’t get elsewhere. They typically aren’t accompanied by a gimmick. Instead, they filled with deep love and appreciation for the music. That’s what captures my attention and has me searching Soundcloud for countless hours each week. It’s the love!

With that said, i present the scholar, vinylphile, and music lover, Afrekete. Afrekete’s mix,  “Tribute to Seeco Guaracha,” filled me with incomprehensible joy when i gave a listen. I could tell that she was happy to present the music in this mix. Her happiness made it nearly impossible for me to do anything else as i listened. You can check the mix out here:

After listening to this mix, be sure to give Afrekete a holler. Here’s a little about her to help you establish the connection. In her own words:

Afrekete wants to restore relevance to the music, artists and activists of yesterday, which is why her eclectic themed mixes combine the political, historical, playful and soulful. Based in a small Florida city, she keeps up with the world by record shopping, mix-making and occasionally playing out. A first generation African in the Americas, she’s an out queer butch. During the day she is a professor of Africana literature and visual culture. Her only hope for humanity is the preservation of Africanity and she works at it every damn day. Reach her at to suggest music that should be on her radar—or to just say hello.

I hope that you enjoy the mix and communicating with Afrekete as i much as i do!!!

— Much Love

Seeco Guaracha