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Tru Skool Tuesday: Knowledge=Power

I may be late, but i only recently got hip to XO from Washington, DC. I’m looking forward to his upcoming mixtape, “The Color Grey.” Check out his first two releases from the project and check out XO’s back catalog on bandcamp.

— Much Love


This is the track that had me searching the net for “XO” for a few minutes. XO demonstrates his talent with words to deliver a description and critique of his hometown. The beat gets me amped… i’m barely able to type as i listen, because i want to jump up, throw bows, clap, and be rowdy more generally.


I love the concept of this video. What if “knowledge” (in the form of books) could be used to take out one’s enemies? I believe there would be more reading taking place. Maybe the more thought-provoking the book, the more dangerous it would be. Of course, the weapons should be directed mainly against the root of oppression. Hmmm….


Mixtape Monday: Live via Satelite

Peace & Blessings. Happy Mixtape Monday!!! Today, i’m playing an Afro-House mix by DJ Satelite (via Akwaaba). Play it LOUD or download it from Akwaaba’s Soundcloud page!

— Much Love


Ol’ Skool Sunday: Some 90s R&B

After feeling the sudden urge to hear some Shanice, i began thinking about some of my favorite R&B songs from the 90s. Check them out and enjoy.

– Much Love

Aaliyah, “Back and Forth”

Shanice, “I Love Your Smile”

Hi-Five, “I like The Way (Kissing Game)”

Soul For Real, “Every Little Thing I Do”

Tru Skool Tuesday: I Got The World In My Palm

“Afro-Futurism” is a new term… to me. I’m not going to explain what it means, partially because i’m still learning. However, it’s a term/concept that makes sense to me, because i’ve (apparently) been into it since waaaay before anyone ever spoke its name in my presence. I guess all those Octavia Butler novels and music such as that by Cannibal OxNicole Mitchell, Sun Ra, and many other made it palatable to me. With that in my mind, today’s post includes some tracks that i imagine would make a great score to an Afro-Futurist movie! Enjoy.

– Much Love

Flying Lotus – 1983

Lauryn Hill – The Final Hour

Common Aquarius

Killer Priest – BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)

Dope Midweek Mixes!

I first learned about Tek-Zilla when i included a track he produced on “Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 2.” He’s released a number of great tracks and mixes. I find this one to be especially dope. A sound mirage of speeches and interviews from African political figures from the Continent and Diaspora and remixed Afrobeat, Funk, and High Life tracks, Tek-Zilla demonstrates his knack for producing top quality sound experiences for listeners!

Click on the picture to enjoy this mix!






I’ve recently had the pleasure of listening to one of DJ Lina Luv’s mixes. Her ear for great music from every corner of the Planet Earth is pretty impressive. Add to that her positive energy and her of music and dance as medicine against the ills of the world,  she earned a new fan in yours truly. Check out this mix recorded at Philly’s World Cafe Live.

Click on the picture to enjoy this mix!

Mixtape Monday: Nu-Bein Vibrations

Nu-Bein Vibrations” is a spirit-musical journey. It celebrates sounds that encourage us to reach outside of our current comfort zones to embrace that which is “new,” fresh, and positive. As we submit our minds to this process our body-intelligence will kick in and cause the re-awakening of musical taste buds that yearn only for that which is good for the entire self. It will challenge the self which floats within the comfortable boundaries set by those who profit from our acceptance of their dangerously low standards.

The delectable dance tunes in this short mix contribute to a process of raising one’s spiritual energy to the highest attainable level. It facilitates in the transformation from humans to Nu-Beins (or New Beings) who choose to vibrate only at frequencies that contribute positivity and beauty to this world we currently inhabit.

Enjoy this Journey. Embrace the evolution.

— Much Love

(click on the picture to listen)

Ol’ Skool Sunday: Your Records Miss You… And All That Jazz

I Looooove vinyl. In fact, i self diagnosed myself as a vinylphile – or one with an obsession for vinyl records – sometime in the late 1990s. In recent weeks, i my uncontrollable urge to purchase, clean, “fix,” and listen to records has been re-ignited by King BrittTapedeck Tunn, and a few others who have spoken about their love for vinyl. And i can’t forget about CRITIQL & DJ DuiJi 13‘s new event, Vinyl Tap, which has me digging through my crates to come up with the best possible 20-minute set i can think of!!!

This week’s Ol’ Skool Sunday comes straight from those crates. (No, not my digital crates in Serato Scratch Live. I’m talking about the various plastic containers filled with records, some which constantly traveled with me to gigs back in the days before i even imagined that one could DJ from a computer.) I’ve been in a jazz mood this weekend, so that is what i’ve posted below. I hope you enjoy these selections!

If you’re interested in my Vinyl Tap selections, come on out every 2nd & 4th Friday to see/hear what my (and others’) vinylphilia inspires!

– Much Love

Wes Montgomery “Four On Six”

Freddie Hubbard, “On The Que Tee”

Wayne Shorter, “Montezuma”

Dollar Brand, “Blue Monk”