Monthly Archives: January 2014

Queen of Peace by Casmir [Mixed by Brotha Onaci]

So it’s a new year and i am embarking on some new ventures (film, dance, remixes, EP… it’s going to be a great year)! Even with all of the newness, i am also going to do a little more of the same. I am still a DJ through and through and have a few mixtape projects lined up.

The first mix features Dope Chic numero uno, Casmir (Chicago & Los Angeles)! Folks who have been riding with me for a while may remember her from Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 1. She invited me to scratch, cut and past some of her recent tunes into her Queen of Peace Mixtape. I had a great time working with these tracks and think that listeners will appreciate her blend of deep thought, “street” sensibilities, and her loud and proud sexual expression. Her music/sound choices and vocal delivery also provide for an interesting overall composition.

Anyone who knows me is aware that am critical of how nuanced (and blatant) manifestations of gender oppression pop up in just about everything human beings think, say, and do. This mixtape contains some of those things that i challenge myself and everyone else (who will listen) to recognize and rethink. Despite this, i recommend that folks give this a thorough listen and discuss the pros and cons of the music, broader culture, and the reality that we live in, which Casmir artistically brings into her music. Also, show Casmir some support by commenting on and her tracks!

— Much Love