Mixtape Monday: Fresh Sonic Produce #13

Happy Monday! This week, i have the honor of providing some “Fresh Sonic Produce” via Haveplentymusic.com, a Namibian-based website that is dedicated to African music and culture. Haveplentymusic is also a sponsor of Sonic Diaspora, which goes down in Philly every 1st Thursday of the month, and in Chicago every 2nd Friday. If you happen to be in one of those cities when a Sonic Diaspora is happening, then you’ll definitely want to stop on through.

I hope that you enjoy this mix. It features Afrobeat and Afro-house music from some soon-to-be-famous producers and musicians, including Baoku, Jiff the General, Punchuashen (more from him soon!) featuring Oneil Abercrombie, Eddhi, Rotimi Hundeyin & D Afrophonik Rhythms Crew, and Terry P from Objektives Music. You’ll also find some classic Afrobeat by King Sunny Ade, as well as dope tracks from Black Coffee, Eltonnick, and (one of my faves) Zaki Ibrahim!

Special thanks to da.goto.guy (da.goto.guy@gmail.com) for providing the dope cover art!

Without further ado, check out the mix HERE

2 thoughts on “Mixtape Monday: Fresh Sonic Produce #13

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