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Mixtape Monday: Dub Essentials


Peace & Power! Welcome to another edition of Mixtape Monday. This week’s feature comes Sherwin O, a member of the People’s DJs Collective. It contains mind blowing dub tracks that truly inspired a brotha! Check it out, then check out the People’s DJs on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the great events that he and the other People’s play.


— Much Love




Tru Skool Tuesday: Inter-Astral Audio

This week’s Tru Skool selection are inspired by intergalactic beats and/or space themes. Check them out and enjoy your Tuesday (or whatever day it may be)!!! Of course, i can’t do this post without following up with a jazz musician version…

— Much Love

I never get tired of this track or this album. It’s truly a masterpiece!


Stacy Epps and Finale know how to float through time and space!


Lyrics and beats aalll day!


A new-found love? I don’t know yet, but i’m forever grateful to Bad Wolff for introducing me.

So this one is a little less spacey sounding, but the title and content fit 🙂


Ol’ Skool Sunday: Legacies

This week’s Ol’ Skool Sunday commemorates the musical contributions of a couple artists who recently departed the physical world. Donna Summer and Chuck Brown left a huge impact on people and continue be staples on party playlists! Here are some of the tracks that i’m diggin’. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Rest In Power, Donna Summer and Chuck Brown!

Get Familiar Episode 11: Poet A[nkh] F[yre] Black

Philadelphia, PA has a reputation. Better yet, it has a legacy of great music carried by several world-renowned artists. Being on the ground here in the 215, i’ve come to understand why. This city is tough. Plain and simple. That toughness provides those who have enough drive and courage to “make it” on their natural talents an edge that distinguishes them from many others.

Poet AF (pronounced A-F) Black is one of those distinguished artists. Born and raised in West Philly, this young brother is making a name for himself as a musician, spoken word performer, playwright, television producer, and as a caring and humane member of his community.

On this “Get Familiar” mixtape, he’s going to tell you about himself and his becoming. In the process, you’ll hear some samplings of his music (along with his producer, Chris Good Lawd Jordan, and sometimes-collaborator Joesmokes Wisdom). Give a good listen to “Point of M@t’r” and “Mr. Wonderful” two singles off his upcoming studio “experience.” Finally, don’t be surprised if you witness Poet AF Black doing big things in the very near future.

Click on the Picture to Hear the Interview

Track List

1. Are You Satisfied
2. Even Evil
3. Electric Fankh
4. Friends
5. Point of M@t’r
6. Goya Love
7. Out of Control
8. Mr. Wonderful
9. THE INNER ME-Not to Be Confused with The Enemy
10. Sankofa
11. Transparency
12. Times Up

Connect with Poet AF Black

– Much Love

Mixtape Monday: Trans-Atlantic Africanisms II

I am blessed to know some great DJs and producers. Among them is DJ Afroqbano of the People’s DJs Collective and the Sonic Diaspora team. He recently curated and mixed “Sonic Diaspora Vol. 8,” i can’t stop listening to it. You can check it out via Mixcloud.

(click on the picture)

Artwork by People’s DJs member, Itzi Nallah!

After you’ve given this mix two-six-ten listens, check out Afroqbano’s production work on his Soundcloud page and show him some love!

— Bless

Ol’ Skool Sunday: Super Visions ‘Til the Break of Dawn

Taste of Chicago 2008

Today i’m listening to some Stevie Wonder, whose bornday is May 13, 1950. (Now, is it just me, or should he have some sort of grand title, like “King of Music” or something? Maybe being “Stevie Wonder” is grand title enough!) I grew up listening to this guy, and credit him (and MJ) for giving me such a deep love and appreciation of music. So today (and many other days throughout the year), i say thank you, Stevie Wonder, for creating such beautiful, soul stirring, socially relevant, and dance provoking music!

— Much Love




Master Blaster

That Girl

Too High

I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It

Tru Skool Tuesday: For the Body & Soul

I recently decided to get back in shape. After falling off my exercise regimen, it’s time to get back on it! Aside from the physical benefits, i believe that eating healthy and taking care of my body helps me be more aware of the spiritual aspects of living. This collection of songs are speak to both aspects of improving ones health, and they are helping keep me motivated… gotta have some good music to get me amped before a run or bike ride!

– Enjoy!