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Just Plain Good: JosiahWiseGodBodi8

I listen to a LOT of music (duh statement of the year, right?). I’m constantly amazed by the innovative and soulful musicians out there. I recently had the chance to check out Josiah Wise, whose limited body of publicly available tracks is in heavy rotation right now!

I don’t even want to try and explain what this music is, besides positive and aurally pleasing to my ears. You can give Josiah’s sounds a listen below. If you like it, don’t hesitate to share!

– Much Love





Robert Nesta Marley: The Mellow Revolutionary

Today as We celebrate the musical legacy of Bob Marley, i want to share a few of my favorite songs. I really enjoy most of Marley’s catalog, but i find myself reaching for these tracks when i need a quick Bob Marley fix! I hope that you enjoy these selections as much as i do.

Also, if you’re in Washington, DC you should swing by 1920dc for Sonic Diaspora on Feb. 6 for our Bob Marley bday celebration. The party takes place every 1st Wednesday of the month, and highlights music from all over Africa and its diaspora! See the flier below for more details. And be sure to check us out on Facebook!
– One Love

Mellow Mood


Sun Is Shining


Sonic Diaspora DC 02-06-13

Mixtape Monday: Black History Month

Big shoutout to Philly DJ-Emcee, John Morrison. Brother-man put together this mix for Black History Month, which i’ve been rocking non-stop! It features classic tracks, more recent cuts, and soundbites from one of the pioneers of African history, Cheik Anta Diop. Give it a listen and share it with your peoples.

– Much Love

More Black History Month mixes by John Morrison: