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Kinetic Connections: Delhi – Nairobi – Philly

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Connections Across the Diaspora

Chicago – Nairobi – Philly

I recently supplied a House music mix to our good friends of the Sentient Sound Session crew. They are creating and promoting some great music, so i am honored that they allowed a Brotha to contribute to the cause! My mix includes edits and remixes from Sonic Diaspora teammates Afroqbano and Punchuashen, as well as yours truly. 60 minutes of deep and soulful tracks will have you groovin’ and catchin’ the spirit of spring!

Track List
01. DJ Tipz, “Lifetime” F. Kholi
02. Migosy, “Skyline” (Rancido Deep Journey Main Mix)
03. James Blake, “Retrograde” (Punchuashen Rikere Remix)
04. Black Coffee, “Rock My World” F. Soulstar (Jullian Gomes Remix)
05. Paso Doble, “Get Me Over” F. Miranda Nicole
06. DJ X-Trio & Ricardo Alves, “Loukua Kanza”
07. John Legend, “All of Me” (Brotha Onaci’s Afrodeep Edit)
08. The Layabouts, “Open Up” F. KOF
09. Carlos Silva, “Riding on Love” F. Nelson Freitas (Rancido Traveling Soul Mix)
10. St. Evo & Mbewe, “Kalijo” (Brotha Onaci’s “The Harvest” Mashup)
11. Nappy Vendetta, “Thuli’s Lament” F. Thuli Mlambo James
12. DJ X-Trio, “Glow” F. Jackie Queens
13. Nicolas Jaar, “With Just One Glance” F. Scout LaRue (Zepherin Saint Edit)
14. 4X4, “Miss Doctor” (Afroqbano Remix)



Radiant Souls Re-Up

Delhi – London – Philly

Amrisha, host of Worldwide Thing, has an excellent show that you may enjoy. I’ve given her show a few listens, and always get HOOKED. If that’s not enough, she has been kind enough to feature some of my DJ mixes and production on her radio program! Amrisha and her guests play some great tunes, and i am grateful to share such camaraderie. Check out Worldwide Thing on Soundcloud and connect with Amrisha on Twitter. You won’t be sorry!





Listen to the entire show here!








Robert Nesta Marley: The Mellow Revolutionary

Today as We celebrate the musical legacy of Bob Marley, i want to share a few of my favorite songs. I really enjoy most of Marley’s catalog, but i find myself reaching for these tracks when i need a quick Bob Marley fix! I hope that you enjoy these selections as much as i do.

Also, if you’re in Washington, DC you should swing by 1920dc for Sonic Diaspora on Feb. 6 for our Bob Marley bday celebration. The party takes place every 1st Wednesday of the month, and highlights music from all over Africa and its diaspora! See the flier below for more details. And be sure to check us out on Facebook!
– One Love

Mellow Mood


Sun Is Shining


Sonic Diaspora DC 02-06-13

The Best 10+ Tracks of 2012 That I DIDN’T Get to Play

People tend to do “best of” lists at the end of each year. This year, i decided to do one of my own. I am happy to have so many opportunities to share the music i love with people on a regular basis. But truthfully, i only present a fraction of what i actually listen to. For that reason, i’m sharing my ten favorite songs of 2012 that didn’t make it to a mixtape or my party playlist. Some of these didn’t even make it to my Facebook wall (shame on me, i know).

I guess one point of this post is just to remind folks that i LOVE music. I appreciate ALL genres. So, even if you know me as a Hip Hop and African Diaspora DJ, please don’t think that i don’t get down with EDM, alternative rock, and more! So, here they are. I hope you enjoy my Top Ten (and then some) tracks of 2012.

Top TEN of Twenty Twelve

Add-2 – Cotton Fields

[i got acquainted with Add-2 as i was gathering tracks for Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 2. This brother is sick with the lyrics, and his beats — many produced by SLOT-A — are pure inspiration]

Sabo – Sigueme (Sabo & DJ Afro Mix)

[dope remake of one of the songs that made me a house head!]

MONOTONE – Invitation To Dance F. RubyGold

[(technically, this was released in 2011 according to youtube) i stumbled across this song quite by accident over the summer when it showed up in my record pool, which NEVER has African music! i listened and became instantly hooked by the music and the beautiful voice. when i looked the song up, i noticed the the voice belonged to RubyGold, the beauty from “Teka Munike.” This track is a staple in my headphones, but didn’t make it to any mixes or parties. i’ll correct that in 2013]

Cajmere & Gene Farris – Donna’s A Flower

[i never get enough of this song. there’s nothing more to it]

Swedish House Mafia – Save The World

[before the EDM-is-killing-dance-music folks launch an attack, please just listen to the song. It’s truly beautiful. The music is superb and the lyrics are nice. Give it a good listen, THEN critique it to your hearts’ content]

Stonebwoy Burniton – Climax F. Samini

[this one did get a little play time. Unfortunately, the sound quality is so horrible — yes, i PURCHASED this track — that i only played it once at Sonic Diaspora in DC. If i can get ahold of a better version, i’ll play it at every gig i can in the future.]

Erin Leah & N’Dinga Gaba – Rocker (N’Dinga’s Uptown Remix)

[I LOVE every version of this song]

Chromatics – These Streets Will Never Look the Same

This track is pure dope. The bass is hypnotic and the singer’s soft voice compliments it’s edginess.

Bahamas – Caught Me Thinking

It’s amazing how artists can make breakup songs sound so lighthearted and fun.

Passion Pit – Constant Conversation (St. Lucia Remix)

This track is synth heaven!


[so, this song technically came out late in 2011. that’s close enough, right?!? regardless, i’m obsessed with this track and absolutely love the video, even it if is a bit stalkerish]

… And Five Honorable Mentions:

Santigold, “Disparate Youth”

RubyGold, “Feeling Stealer”

Euphonik, “Lose Yourself” (Delaney Duvall Remix)

Mist Glider, “If Only”

Young Wonder, “To You” (Ambassador Remix)

Expect MUCH more RubyGold from me in the near future!!!

Expect MUCH more RubyGold from me in the near future!!!

Felabration Time!!!

October 15 marks the birth of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. I’m DJing two events that will celebrate the musical legacy of the innovator of Afrobeat. The first is Sonic Diaspora at Patty Boom Boom in Washington, DC (1359 U St, NW)! I’ll be playing dope dance music from all over the African World and will dedicate some set time to Fela, other Afrobeat legends, and music that was inspired by Afrobeat. If you’re in DC, you won’t want to miss this. If you’re on Facebook, check the Sonic Diaspora and Brotha Onaci pages for details.

Back in Philly the next day, We’ll be doing Felabration at Walnut Room with Funk Sect Records! I’m happy to be holding down the decks alongside DJ Vanessa Beck, Punchuashen, and DJ Nikko. There will also be several great live performances! Check the event page for more details.

Tránsito de Verano: It’s About To Be ON!

EQuatorial Funk (Tuesday, June 5)

This summer, tastemakers DJ DuiJi13, Juanderful Juan, and Brotha Onaci are conducting an audio journey celebrating music from around the world. They will intoxicate you with melodies and riddims from South America, the Caribbean, Africa, and the various diasporas of culture emanating from those places. You will bust a move, luxuriate in the libations, enjoy the edible delights, and appreciate the ambiance of Llama Tooth’s beautiful outdoor space. What better way to celebrate the warmth of this season and enjoy the post Transit of Venus moment?!?

Be sure to check out our promo mix:

$5 (includes entrance and a drink ticket)
21+ Space is accessible!Brought to you by:
ø Sonic Diaspora
ø Tropicalismo Mundial
ø True Diversity Productions

RSVP on Facebook or Fusicology

Sonic Diaspora (Thursday, June 7)

∞ Juanderful of Tropicalismo Mundial

Juanderful is co-founder of Tropicalismo Mundial, a tropical sound aficionado, and connoisseur of fine global riddims. Growing up listening to the sounds from his Colombian background unquestionably laid down the main cadence to the soundtrack of his life. Being in Philly, with its soulful sounds and rich DJ legacy, has added another dimension to that score. Most recently, Juanderful has been pushing humidity soaked riddims at his TROPICALISMO events, which has seen the participation of guest DJs from around the globe. These experiences have helped to further expand his sonic range while encouraging him to dig deeper into the roots. Always pushing forward, not neatly defined, but global in mind.

PulsoBeat (
Tropicalismo Mundial facebook group:

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Enjoy Dance cuts of Africa and the African Diaspora every 1st Thursday at Elena’s. This dance party will uplift your soul as you release your mind on the dance floor! Elena’s DJs Brotha Onaci (the People’s DJ Collective) and DJ Champé (Lion’s Den Productions) will take you on musical exploration of the African world that is so hot you’ll think Philly sits along the equator. During this high-energy dance party, We’ll be throwing down some Afrobeat, Coupe Decale, Cumbia, Kuduro, Reggae, House, Afro-Latin, Azonto, Dancehall, Soca, and more.

Elena’s Soul Showcase Lounge and Cafe is an authentic and original chill spot in West Philly. With two levels of great food and refreshing drinks, it provides an ambiance that is welcoming and comfortable for EVERYONE!

Free before 11:00 ($5 after).
2nd Floor, 21+

RSVP on Facebook or Fusicology

Odunde Festival (Sunday June 10)

As a part of this year’s Odunde Festival, Sonic Diaspora, Tropicalismo Mundial, and World Town have teamed up to bring connoisseur of fine global music, DJ Zhao of Ngoma Sound, to Philadelphia for this incredible event!

DJ Zhao brings the best contemporary and classic dance music together from wildly different times and places, with focus on Africa. Informed of up-to-the-minute global street styles such as Afro-Electro, Angolan-House, Kuduro, Coupe Decale, Naija, Rai, and Cumbia, as well as drawing upon the wealth of sonic traditions worldwide such as Juju, Gwo Ka, Rumba, Taraab, and Persian Classical, Dj Zhao fuses ancestral rhythms and urban bass pressure. With Mashup and Re-Edit work directly connecting “East” and “West”, acoustic and electronic, traditional and hyper-modern, Dj Zhao creates hybrid genres such as Gamelan-Step, Sufi-Bass, or Acid-Zouk, making “Ancient-Futurist” musical collages at once mind expanding and floor smashing. Amateur ethno-musicologist and professional booty shaker, Dj Zhao is an International Sound Ambassador not only talking about, but demonstrating through raw sound experience, the underlying unity of all earth cultures.

Performing solo and with NGOMA Soundsystem which includes German Percussionist Marcel, Multi-Instrumentalist Matchume from Mozambique, Cuban Trumpeter El Congo, and various other musicians, DJ Zhao brings unique vision and energy to every event, and has performed or shared bills with artists such as Shangaan Electro (South Africa), Konono No. 1 (Congo), Rhythm and Sound (DE), Cooly G (UK), Appietus (Ghana), Shackleton (UK), Pan Sonic (Finland).


« « « « « « « « « « « « « « « « «

Odunde is a festival that celebrates and educates the Tri-State area on the diversified African and African-American cultures. Running since 1975, the festival boasts as being the longest running and largest African American cultural festival on the East Coast.

For more information, visit the Odunde Festival website and Facebook page:


∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞

About the hosts




Mixtape Monday: Diasporic Movement

In May, Sonic Diaspora celebrates its one-year anniversary!!! In that year, We’ve laid a strong foundation for what We hope becomes a powerful force for uniting positive people around the music and struggles of African people throughout the world. Being rooted in social justice communities and ideals, We want to make sure that Sonic Diaspora maintains its relevance. If you don’t know the purpose behind Sonic Diaspora, you can view it here. [It’s all about MOVEMENT… movement of peoples across geographic terrains; movement on the dance floor, and movement against oppression.] As you consider what’s written, please enjoy the most recent Sonic Diaspora mix. Then let us know what you think!

Artwork by People’s DJs member, Itzi Nallah

I, personally, would like to know what Y.O.U. think of the event, the mixes, and the developing social-political purpose. With whom should Sonic Diaspora build solidarity (other African & Diasporic music parties, artists, political struggles and organizations, African culture organizers, etc)? How can We make the social-political aspect more visible within the dance parties? Do you think the music (in the mixes and dance parties) is reflective of the larger purpose?

We greatly appreciate your input!

– Much Love

Sonic Whirlwind

Lovely People! I am pleased to inform you that i will be visiting Chicago for a few days. While i’m there, i be spinning some of the BEST dance music from all over the world some of the Windy City’s coolest venues! To prepare you for all of the fun, check out my latest mix, Sonic Diaspora Vol. 7, on Mixcloud. More details:

TROPICAL SOUNDCLASH at People Lounge (1560 N. Milwaukee)

Afro-Latin Tropical Bass

Every Wednesday @ People Lounge w/ SOUND CULTURE DJ’S & Friends

Special guest: 4/11 Brotha Onaci

People Lounge 1560 N. Milwaukee Ave.
9pm to 2am, no cover, drink specials, kitchen until 12am

Kitchen open LATE!

$3 Glasses of our Housemade Sangria…
Patio Opens at 5pm.Let’s take BACK the neighborhood!

Reggae/Dancehall, Cumbiaton, Salsa Dura, Latin House, Hip Hop en Español, Afrobeat/High Life and other tropical sounds.

SOUL POWERED at Beauty Bar Chicago (1444 W Chicago)

Taste Makers, DJ Tiff-NY, Jaytoo (thedjyomamaluv), and Brotha Onaci (People’s DJs Collective) will energize the dance floor on 4/12 at the Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago).

They promise a musical experience that will have you groovin’ to old school soul & funk classics and mashing up the dance floor under the influence of now school bangers. Be prepared to get re-acquainted with your natural movement as the music speaks to your body intelligence.

FREE Until 11:00PM $3 from 11:01 until…
Drink specials all night!



SONIC DIASPORA at Coup d’Etat Lounge Friday, April 13

9pm doors, $5 cover, accessible space, 21+

// BROTHA ONACI (Philadelphia, PA)

With residents:
// DJ ITCH13

// ITZI NALLAHVisuals by:

Sonic Diaspora is a celebration of popular & underground dance styles of Africa & the Diaspora. Expect everything from Afrobeat, Afro-House & Global Bass to Reggae, Cumbia, Future Dancehall, Hiplife, Azonto, Kwaito, Kuduro, Coupe Dekale and other darling subgenres of the African underground, and arrive early!

Hosted by Tifflove & the Wolfpack in collaboration with Leftist Lounge (Art Exhibit), DookieBlaster (Photography), Roots of Life Designs (Jewelry & Fashion), and you!!

Sponsored by This Is Africa (Africa, Europe), Have Plenty Music (Namibia), Gozamos (Chi) & Peoples DJs Collective (Chi)

Sonic D MIXTAPE Vol 7 by Brotha Onaci to be released at the Party!

For more info & sounds: or visit