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J Dilla “Gone Too Soon”: Other Dillamentary Materials

Dilla fans, check out this 60 min. radio documentary. It’s only available through Saturday, Nov. 5 so make time to listen before then. The link is embedded in the pic.

Much Love

UPdate: the “Gone Too Soon” Link doesn’t work anymore. However, in response to the original post, some of my fam sent me other links to documentaries. One, “J. Dilla: Still Shining,” is embedded in the picture below. Another link follows. Many thanks to EVERYone who responded and put me up on these links.

– Brotha Onaci

Stussy’s Documentary on Dilla


Mixtape Monday: Universal Revolution

Greetings of Peace! This Mixtape Monday features my latest mix. It’s full of deep and soulful house music, along with some Kwaito (yes, i know i’m obsessed), and is part of my Sonic Diaspora series! Please enjoy, leave feedback, and share it widely.

– Brotha Onaci

Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Master Plan Has Set Me At Ease

Peace! If your neck of the woods is anything as cold as mine, then you’ll need a lil something to help keep you warm. I’ve got two warm somethings for you! They’re both timeless classics that typically help me to adapt to the climate. I hope they do the same for you… or that they be pleasing to your ear, if nothing else.


Pharoah Sanders, “The Creator Has A Master Plan” (click on the picture to hear the song)

Bobbi Humphrey, “Please Set Me At Ease”

Busi Mhlongo: A Dedication

Busi Mhlongo (October 28, 1947 – June 15, 2010) was a singer and dancer whose music and performances have inspired me (and many other). I honestly only learned her name and music in recent months. But when i heard her voice i became an instant fan.

Learning about Mama Busi’s music has been difficult because almost every DJ/producer from South Africa has remixed her songs. Their remixes often appear in searches before her original versions. Some of the remixes are really good; however, there is NOTHING like the originals. And her performances are fantastic. The way she engages her audience through her powerful voice and beautiful movement would cause one to overlook the fact that many of the videoes clips were filmed when she was in her 50s! (As a quick side note to my fellow Fertile Ground fans, you may suspect as i have that Navasha Daya got some inspiration from Mama Busi!)

Anyway, i just wanted to take a moment to say happy Bearthday, Busi Mhlongo!!! I am grateful for your incredible, though slim, body of work, for the increased love of music that i’ve developed because of you, and for the legacy that so many of us now proudly carry. Ase.

– Brotha Onaci

Tru Skool Tuesday: Some 1st Ladies of the Rhythm

All too often in this society, We place people into boxes based on their perceived ability. Patriarchy, or a hierarchy that privileges maleness over femininity, influences our perceptions. Woman have always challenged assumptions about their feminine ability and struggled to obtain equal power with men. This Tru Skool Tuesday is a salute to some of the sisters who have taken that struggle to hip hop. Check em out and enjoy. Then tell us some of the dopest rhymes you’ve heard from women in hip hop!

Queen Latifah, “Ladies First” F. Monie Love (click on the picture)

MC Lyte, “Paper Thin”

Monie Love, “Monie In The Middle”

Salt N Pepa, “Push It”

Da Brat, “Funkdafied”

Mixtape Monday: se estan akabando los hombres…

Happy Mixtape Monday. This week’s selection comes from one of the newest members of the People’s DJ Collective, DJ Chapulin! This mix is filled with enough bass to replace your workday coffee, so give it a good listen and leave DJ Chapulin some feedback. Enjoy!

Ol’ Skool Sunday: Compared to What


I’m loving this week’s Ol’ Skool Sunday, which features my favorite Roberta Flack song, “Compared To What.”  The track was written by my guy (Eu)Gene McDaniels and first played by the Les McCann Trio (which featured Eddie Harris and Benny Bailey). You should definitely check them out and let me know if you prefer one version over the other. They’re both great, so i won’t be mad at your preference.

Brotha Onaci

Roberta Flack, “Compared To What” (click the picture to hear the song)

Les McCann Trio, “Compared to What”