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Long Live Afropop!: Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits

Happy Sunday, EVERYONE! As the new year gets going, i am excited to share some great events with you. One of them is a concert and dance party with the Zimbabwean pop star, Oliver Mtukudzi & The Black Spirits who will be whose Philadelphia debute is  January 12, 2013! I have the honor of playing this show alongside DJs Lil’Dave and Junior of the Eavesdrop Radio crew!

As i begin preparing for this event, i’m listening to and channeling the vibe of some of my favorite Tuku tracks (see below), as well as many other great Zimbabwean artists, including Thomas Mapfumo, Netsayi, Audius, and Joseph Garakara & Mbama Express! If you’re in Philly, you will definitely want to attend this event! For now, please enjoy a few selections.

— Much Love



01-12-13 TUKU


Tru Skool Tuesday: Preparing for Oddisee

Oddisee is coming to Philly thanks to our good friends, Record Breakin’ Music! The DMV producer/emcee has been a staple in my hip hop collection since i first heard him and Kenn Starr… back in ’02 i think? I wish i could remember the name of the track. A friend gave it to me, because it was “real” hip hop that i could play on my radio show! Anyway, i digress…

This installment of True Skool Tuesday includes a few of my favorite Oddisee tracks. If you’re in Philly, then look for me at the show on 10/24.


This song solidified my obsession with Muhsinah, so it must be included in today’s post. Thanks Oddisee!