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Brotha Onaci’s Top 5 for 8-18-2015

People regularly ask me what i’m listening to. This is my attempt to do a better job sharing what excites me! It’s so hard to narrow this list down to 5, but i do so with hopes that you get the best of the best. Check out my DJ Mixes and my likes on Soundcloud for more choice selections!


Trans∆itions: A Summer-Fall Mixtape

This mix is about the tension and harmony between seasons, facets of the self, and the continuum of existence. The music featured here moves across a variety of (sub)genres and styles to highlight the melancholy, joy, love, rejection, and other emotions that compete for our total attention at any given moment. More importantly, these songs transport listeners across state-constructed borders and lifts them beyond the gravitational pull of planets. The tracks work together to obliterate time and space as we know it, thanks to the various vessels through which this audio communication was gifted to us.

Several inspirational people transitioned back to the spiritual essence during the long process of curating this mix. Some were personal friends and acquaintances. Others existed outside of my personal space. All taught me some important lessons about humanity and provided glimpses of how we can work together to heal it from its current ills. I dedicate this mix to them, as well as to my people who still travel with me in their earthly form. Some of you just arrived. Others have been here for a few years. I love and cherish you all.

Note: the overwhelming majority of these songs are available for download, so be sure to explore the links.

01. Bosco, “Slippin”
02. 10th Letter“Inhale the Sun”
03. Jodeci, “Freek N’ You” (TOKiMONSTA Frickinyoo Remix)
04. Little Simz, “Have I”
05. 7even Thirty, “Filthy Rich”
06. Tech N9ne, “Fragile” F. Kendrick Lamar
07. Muhsinah, “Cut Off”
08. Ego Ella May, “Underwater”
09. De La Soul, “Let the King Ascend”
10. Iyadede, “DEDEOPHIL0X”
11. Kanye West, “Two Words” (Chillverb Remix)
12. Jill Scott, “Love Rain” F. Mos Def (iJawn Remix)
13. DR.M∆D • Megiapa • V.S.Ø., “Beyond the Sun” (R33 DRMWRKD)
14. Chester Watson, “Casanegra” F. Gabe “Nandez”
15. Pharrell Williams, “Happy” (DJ Ruckus R&B Drop Refix)
16. Animals As Leaders, “The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing” (Crushfield Remix)
17. Jackie Queens, “Interludishness”
18. Ed Thomas, “Hurt”
19. Gyptian, “Wine Slow” Kush Arora China White Remix)
20. DJ Limbs, “You Might Just Go and Catch a Shooting Star”
21. Eva, “Deaf”
22. Tinashe, “Vunlerable” (Sango Remix)
23. Miguel, “Girl With the Tatoo” (NEVR Remix)