Sonic Diaspora

This isn’t your normal world music party. We’re a collective with a solidarity-building mission based in #Chicago #Philadelphia & #DC. Sonic Diaspora is a celebration of popular & underground musical styles of Africa & the Diaspora. Expect everything from Afrobeat, Afro-House & Global Bass to Cumbia, Future Dancehall, Hiplife, Azonto, Kwaito, Kuduro, Coupé-Décalé, and other subgenres of the African world. Our crew’s DJs & hosts promise to groove you to high-energy classic & urban music of Africa and the Diaspora and indeed to invoke the magic of the original drum and the boom of a bangin’ sound system for your booty-shaking enlightenment.Join the mailing list for music updates & event happenings.

2 thoughts on “Sonic Diaspora

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