Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Best Cartoon Music

Okay, so i woke up this morning singing the song that introduced me to vegan cuisine (i’m almost serious). From there, i began to think about all of the great TV show (typically cartoon) songs that i know by heart, even today. I’m pleased to share them here!

[On another note, i think i’ve uncovered another life goal for myself… to compose theme songs and background music for cartoons. Any filmmakers or cartoonists looking for music??!??!]

– Much Love

The Beets – “Killer Tofu”

So this song didn’t originate from the TV series, but it sure did embed this track in my heart as THE essential Kid ‘n Play tune

Who doesn’t like this one?!?

Taking it waaaay back with this one… 80s all day, baby!

I would lose my 80s baby card if i didn’t include these next two






2 thoughts on “Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Best Cartoon Music

  1. djchapulin

    sweet post
    ❤ Kid n Play
    I always thought one of the guitar lick's in this Beatles track sounded like the womp womp womp of cartoons like Bugs Bunny. The lick starts after John sings "Christ you know it aint easy"


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