Brotha Onaci’s Review of 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, i am re-thinking my goals and revising some plans. In order to help with that process, i reflected on this past year and realized that i had a pretty good year! Although i’m grateful for everything that i was able to achieve and experience (academically, health-wise, etc.), this post is focused on my musical aspirations, beginning with Sonic Diaspora.

Sonic Diaspora began as a party in Chicago in May 2011. Now it is a multi-city cultural force that We intend to make an institution in Chicago, DC, Philly, and elsewhere! Not only do We continue to host the Chicago and DC parties, but We now have a website, a radio program, and are helping sponsor artist performances, philanthropic & community building events, and more! We have big plans for 2013 that We can’t wait to share with you! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our developments.

Doing my DJ Ed-O thing with Scratch Events!

Personally, i’ve been fortunate enough to get acquainted with the Philly music scene and to continue working with old friends. In the process, i’ve met some great people with whom i will be delivering the highest quality events you can imagine. Among them are DJ DuiJi 13, Juanderful and Gregzinho of Tropicalismo, Poet AF Black and Ra Nubi (Nu=Bein Tranzsynchon), WorldTown, Kate Bomz (My Africa Is), La Beautiful Mess (DC), Funk Sect, DJ Aura, R.i.C (Chicago) Tapedeck Tunn, DJ Niko, Punchuashen, DJ Champé, Reggae Surge, Supa Tang, and my fellow People’s DJs Collective member, DJ Vanessa Beck. If that wasn’t enough, i also DJ with Scratch Music Group, a company co-founded by the late Jam Master Jay. Scratch began as a DJ academy, but also dispatches DJs for weddings and corporate events. Because of these connections, i was able to DJ at several weddings and retail stores, including Ann Taylor at Rockefeller Center during Fashion’s Night Out. I joined forces with Mr. Femstar of WorldTown and Juanderful to co-host DJ Zhao at the Odunde Festival. Sonic Diaspora and Tropicalismo brought Sorie Kondi & Ibrahim, Chief Boima, and Explosión Negra to West Philly during our “After Africa” weekend. I spun at places like Walnut Room and Elena’s Soul in Philadelphia, Patty Boom Boom in DC, The Shrine in Chicago, and Bembe in Brooklyn. Further, i was able to donate my DJ services to ten charity causes, fundraisers, and community building events in DC, Philly, and New York. I am truly thankful for these opportunities. Taking the time to reflect on all of this causes me to realize how blessed i have been, and gives me a positive outlook on this coming year!

Naptime Bass Screenshot

Aaliyah, “Are You That Somebody” [Brotha O’s Grimey Bass Remix]

Finally, i have taken the time to begin learning the fundamentals of music production. I’ve been passionate about music ever since i can remember, and i developed the desire to make songs when i was in elementary school. I am now (finally) dedicating some time and resources to making that happen! In 2013, i plan to devote more time to producing music that reflects the ideals i live by. In other words, it will be positive and uplifting, the sound quality to be superb (eventually — i’m still learning how to master my tracks, which is no simple task), and i hope to  successfully combine the various sounds that i appreciate from all over the world as i attempt to create something unique and beautiful. Keep a close eye on my SoundcloudFacebook, and Instagram pages for updates on these aspects of my journey.

Happy New Year! I hope that 2013 brings blessings in abundance to you and yours!

7 thoughts on “Brotha Onaci’s Review of 2012

  1. Dunori

    With allllllllllllll those moves you made in the past year I don’t think there is any way you can not reflect back on it with a huge smile. Hopefully they serve as motivation for you to do even more in the coming year; anything less might be too easy and thus perhaps not as gratifying.
    And I’m right there with you on doing more production NOW also; already got 1 project in the works. You will be 1 of the 1st to know about it when it is done.

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      My brother!!! Always great to hear from you. PLEASE keep me up-to-date with your creations.

      Yes, you’re right. Everything i’ve done has served as motivation for me to really focus my energy on Sonic Diaspora-related events, education, and music production. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that are already coming in 🙂

      Happy New Year. Much Love and many blessing to you and your fam 🙂

  2. Mia Henry

    This is a beautiful testimony to the power that lies in following your passion. It is also a lesson to all of us to remember what fruits come from working hard and remembering the people. Love it and love you!

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      Thank you, Mia! It would be fantastic to read a reflection on the dream-chasing, passion driven work you’re doing! We all have so much to learn from you. Love you too and am always inspired by you. Bless.


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