The Beginning of A New Musical Adventure!

Ever since i was a child, i wanted to make music. I dabbled with the violin, attempted to learn drums (that dream was crushed by a narrow-minded teacher… no, i’m still not over it), swore up and down that i would create my own singing group, and tried to teach myself myself to play my favorite songs on my sister’s piano. In high school, i raised the funds to get my first DJ kit with hopes DJing and producing music for a hip hop group. Fast forward several years, and i’m FINALLY beginning to learn the fundamentals of music production!

“…Thinking” on Soundcloud

At the moment, i’m learning the ins and outs of Ableton, but am also somewhat in love with Maschine (which, i could use with Ableton if i choose). Regardless, i am beginning to understand how powerful music production is with regard to my DJing. Mainly, i am much more concerned with audio quality and believe that i am listening to each track differently than i used to (especially as i struggle to get the “perfect” sound out of my creations). Hopefully, learning production will make my DJing noticeably better.

As an educator, i am also flirting new ideas and approaches to pedagogy! Long a believer that one’s classroom experience should be taken back to the community, i think that creative projects using music, video, blogs, etc. are a great way for students to share their knowledge and critical analyses with their peers and communities. Besides,  how exciting would it be to enter your history class, see a keyboard and Maschine sitting there, and be assigned an audio (or another creative) project as part of the course grade?!?

With that said, my musical dreams have shifted just a little (i’m still hoping to one day tour the world with my fantasy band… which doesn’t have to be hip hop only), and i am embracing the possibilities of permanently wedding my passions for music, education, and community building into one single career!

As i work to bring that to fruition, please enjoy this track that i posted to Soundcloud. It’s the very first song i made using Ableton, so i hope that my future projects clearly demonstrate constant improvement in my skill and creativity!

– Much Love

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