Tru Skool Tuesday: I Got The World In My Palm

“Afro-Futurism” is a new term… to me. I’m not going to explain what it means, partially because i’m still learning. However, it’s a term/concept that makes sense to me, because i’ve (apparently) been into it since waaaay before anyone ever spoke its name in my presence. I guess all those Octavia Butler novels and music such as that by Cannibal OxNicole Mitchell, Sun Ra, and many other made it palatable to me. With that in my mind, today’s post includes some tracks that i imagine would make a great score to an Afro-Futurist movie! Enjoy.

– Much Love

Flying Lotus – 1983

Lauryn Hill – The Final Hour

Common Aquarius

Killer Priest – BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)


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