Mixtape Monday: Nu-Bein Vibrations

Nu-Bein Vibrations” is a spirit-musical journey. It celebrates sounds that encourage us to reach outside of our current comfort zones to embrace that which is “new,” fresh, and positive. As we submit our minds to this process our body-intelligence will kick in and cause the re-awakening of musical taste buds that yearn only for that which is good for the entire self. It will challenge the self which floats within the comfortable boundaries set by those who profit from our acceptance of their dangerously low standards.

The delectable dance tunes in this short mix contribute to a process of raising one’s spiritual energy to the highest attainable level. It facilitates in the transformation from humans to Nu-Beins (or New Beings) who choose to vibrate only at frequencies that contribute positivity and beauty to this world we currently inhabit.

Enjoy this Journey. Embrace the evolution.

— Much Love

(click on the picture to listen)

One thought on “Mixtape Monday: Nu-Bein Vibrations

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