Ol’ Skool Sunday: Your Records Miss You… And All That Jazz

I Looooove vinyl. In fact, i self diagnosed myself as a vinylphile – or one with an obsession for vinyl records – sometime in the late 1990s. In recent weeks, i my uncontrollable urge to purchase, clean, “fix,” and listen to records has been re-ignited by King BrittTapedeck Tunn, and a few others who have spoken about their love for vinyl. And i can’t forget about CRITIQL & DJ DuiJi 13‘s new event, Vinyl Tap, which has me digging through my crates to come up with the best possible 20-minute set i can think of!!!

This week’s Ol’ Skool Sunday comes straight from those crates. (No, not my digital crates in Serato Scratch Live. I’m talking about the various plastic containers filled with records, some which constantly traveled with me to gigs back in the days before i even imagined that one could DJ from a computer.) I’ve been in a jazz mood this weekend, so that is what i’ve posted below. I hope you enjoy these selections!

If you’re interested in my Vinyl Tap selections, come on out every 2nd & 4th Friday to see/hear what my (and others’) vinylphilia inspires!

– Much Love

Wes Montgomery “Four On Six”

Freddie Hubbard, “On The Que Tee”

Wayne Shorter, “Montezuma”

Dollar Brand, “Blue Monk”

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