Tru Skool Tuesday: Taking A Ride with Akua Naru

Peace… Blessings… Greetings to all! Akua Naru has been getting a LOT of play in my headphones today. I’m loving her interpretation of Fela Kuti’s classic song, “Lady.” And, then i saw a video from her recent live session video, which i had to share immediately with some of the people i love the most.

From there, i began obsessively listening to the album from her live session. There’s something about a good live performance that forever endears me to artists like Ms. Naru. Although i wasn’t there, this album does a good enough job capturing the energy for me. I love it! And i have that i’m going to be an Akua Naru fan for some time to come, because she embodies all of the bestest, most beautiful aspects of “Liberation Culture,” which (i believe) is desperately needed in our world today.

You can listen to and purchase her album here:

— Much Love

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