Mixtape Monday: Fine-Tuned EQs For Ya Earbuds

Greetings of Peace! Welcome to another Monday. As you begin your week, please do it responsibly… with some great tunes! I’ve got two great mixes which will help you do exactly that (enjoy your week responsibly, that is).

First up is Okayafrica’s, “Africa In Your Earbuds #19: Alec Lomami [Mixed by Brotha Onaci]. BIG HUUUUUGE shout out to Alec Lomami for inviting me to help out with this. He selected the music and the order of appearance. I merely pasted the songs together in a way that made sense to me. Be sure to also peep this, and almost ALL, of the AIYE cover art by DJ Underdog. I had an opportunity to check him out last Thursday at Lunchbox Theory‘s monthly Afrobeat party. I’m going to make sure that you “Get Familiar” with that brother in the very near future!

For my Philly people (and everyone else): i’ve teamed up with Tropicalismo and True Diversity Productions to bring a great new event to Northern Liberties called, EQuatorial Funk! To prepare you for the bass-quake that will be rocking Spring Garden, We’ve put together a sample mix for your listening pleasure. You can check it out on Mixcloud!

(mix link: www.mixcloud.com/MUMSM/equatorial-funk-promo-mix/)

— Much Love

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