Get Familiar Episode 11: Poet A[nkh] F[yre] Black

Philadelphia, PA has a reputation. Better yet, it has a legacy of great music carried by several world-renowned artists. Being on the ground here in the 215, i’ve come to understand why. This city is tough. Plain and simple. That toughness provides those who have enough drive and courage to “make it” on their natural talents an edge that distinguishes them from many others.

Poet AF (pronounced A-F) Black is one of those distinguished artists. Born and raised in West Philly, this young brother is making a name for himself as a musician, spoken word performer, playwright, television producer, and as a caring and humane member of his community.

On this “Get Familiar” mixtape, he’s going to tell you about himself and his becoming. In the process, you’ll hear some samplings of his music (along with his producer, Chris Good Lawd Jordan, and sometimes-collaborator Joesmokes Wisdom). Give a good listen to “Point of M@t’r” and “Mr. Wonderful” two singles off his upcoming studio “experience.” Finally, don’t be surprised if you witness Poet AF Black doing big things in the very near future.

Click on the Picture to Hear the Interview

Track List

1. Are You Satisfied
2. Even Evil
3. Electric Fankh
4. Friends
5. Point of M@t’r
6. Goya Love
7. Out of Control
8. Mr. Wonderful
9. THE INNER ME-Not to Be Confused with The Enemy
10. Sankofa
11. Transparency
12. Times Up

Connect with Poet AF Black

– Much Love

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