Mixtape Monday: Diasporic Movement

In May, Sonic Diaspora celebrates its one-year anniversary!!! In that year, We’ve laid a strong foundation for what We hope becomes a powerful force for uniting positive people around the music and struggles of African people throughout the world. Being rooted in social justice communities and ideals, We want to make sure that Sonic Diaspora maintains its relevance. If you don’t know the purpose behind Sonic Diaspora, you can view it here. [It’s all about MOVEMENT… movement of peoples across geographic terrains; movement on the dance floor, and movement against oppression.] As you consider what’s written, please enjoy the most recent Sonic Diaspora mix. Then let us know what you think!

Artwork by People’s DJs member, Itzi Nallah

I, personally, would like to know what Y.O.U. think of the event, the mixes, and the developing social-political purpose. With whom should Sonic Diaspora build solidarity (other African & Diasporic music parties, artists, political struggles and organizations, African culture organizers, etc)? How can We make the social-political aspect more visible within the dance parties? Do you think the music (in the mixes and dance parties) is reflective of the larger purpose?

We greatly appreciate your input!

– Much Love

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