Tru Skool Tuesday: Satisfactory Props

I listen to a lot of music (duh statement of the century, right?), and sometimes i listen to music i don’t like all that much. After a period of immersing myself in a pool of music that is okay at best, i must baptize my ears in the songs that i consider my bar for critiquing all other tunes. This round has been filled with some hip hop goodies i collected back in the all-vinyl days. Check them out and enjoy!

– Much Love

Okay, so maybe this isn’t one of my (not-so-)dusty 12-inches. But, i’ve kinda got an unintentional Philly theme going and want to continue with it. Plus, the track is dope!

Time to abandon the 215 theme and get back to my original idea: This record, in particular, has been in my ears and mouth:


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