Liberation Culture: To Speak Out & Anti Up

Sometimes “conscious” folks get into a habit of complaining about problems. Between the Trayvon Martin killing, police violence, hateful right-wing propaganda, etc., it can be difficult to refrain from raising a critique or two. And, some of us are also known to always have a less-than-flattering assessment of popular music culture in the U.S. of A. That’s why, as a self-styled Turntable Liberationist, i am always pleased to hear music that speaks out against injustice and begins to imagine a better world for us all.

One example of this is a great timeline of hip hop songs that declare war against police brutality. Many thanks to Project NIA for putting this together and maintaining a daily attack on the “justice”/prison system. Visit their website and show them some love on Facebook after you view their interactive timeline:

Next is a dope track by my homeboy, FOUR (Fire of Underground Rap). The song, begins with the emcee invoking the spirit of Trayvon Martin and the countless others who fell victim to the evil actions of man. Listen to this track and leave FOUR some much-deserved feedback on Soundcloud:

— Much Love


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