7 Day Juice Fast: Some Recipes & Lessons Learned

Every now and then i like to give my digestive system a break as part of my larger effort to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. I recently did that via a 7-day juice fast. During that seven days i enjoyed some of super tasty juices for which i have a few recipes! Check em out:

1. Life Juice (1-2 Apples, 1-2 Leafy Greens, 3″ Burdock Root, 1″ Ginger, 1/2 Lemon w/peel)

2. Mean Green

3. Pomegranate-Blueberry Juice (1 large Pomegranate, 10-15 Blueberries)

4. Citrus Flush (1 grapefruit, 1 orange, 2 carrots, 1 orange pepper) * Add 1-2″ Burdock for a delightful flavor enhancement

5. Minty-licious (4 Celery, 1 Apple, 1 Lime, Handful o’ Mint, Handful o’ Spinach)

6. Red Velvet (3 Carrots, 2 Granny Smith Apples, 1 Orange, 1/4 Beet)

7. Random Experiment (2 Sweet Orange Peppers, 1 Head Romaine, 1/5 Orange, 1 Grapefruit, Handful of Parsley) tasted “interesting.” Not bad, but prob wont make this one again.

8. The REAL V8 This one hit the SPOT when i wanted “something to eat!”

Some Lessons Learned

I’ve done similar things before and thought that i had gotten all of the mistakes out of the way. But, i neglected one important — i’d say essential — rule of fasting. One must eliminate for optimum results. I spoke with several people who had done this type of fast/cleanse (one who went 21 days on juice) and none of them seemed to worry about elimination. However, whenever i looked up “juice fasting” on the web, folks would advocate doing something daily to give the colon a lil rinse. It makes sense to me; when We fast, the body begins to push toxins out of muscle tissue and organs. A major channel for getting those things out of the body is the the colon.

On day 4, i got really sick. I felt nauseous and had terrible stomach pains. I believe this was “healing crisis.” Healing crisis is a wide range of uncomfortable physical symptoms that one may experience as the body attempts to purge itself of medications, heavy metals (other environmental pollutants), excess wastes, and many other things that might be stored in ones body tissue. By all accounts, the best way to minimize healing crisis is to eliminate the toxins one’s body is attempting to remove.

Another possible problem are my fruit & veggie combination juices. Some online resources recommend juicing fruits and veggies separately. I’ve also heard that one should minimize the fruit juice and drink it during the early hours of the day. I mixed the fruit and veggie juices and drank fruit juices into the evening. Maybe those actions were problematic and contributed to the wackness i felt on day four (and beyond — i was extra sleepy for the remainder of the fast).

The lesson for me is that next time i juice, i’ll need to be ready to drink some special tea, do a salt water flush, or do daily enemas. Maybe that will help me avoid some of the healing crisis symptoms that i believe i experienced this time around. I’m going to experiment more with the fruit & veggie combinations, and try to keep the fruit juices as daytime drinks.

Have you ever done a juice (or water) fast for more than a day or two? If so, what was your experience like? Did you consult with fellow fasters or an expert? Please do share.

– Much Love


22 thoughts on “7 Day Juice Fast: Some Recipes & Lessons Learned

  1. Dunori

    I still consider myself a rookie faster so I’m still experimenting with different kinds of fasting to see which works best for me. From my studies and experience on it thus far though, I would have to say that I’m one to agree with not mixing fruits with veggies because they have different functions in the body. That being the case, it can be seen as part of the break we give the digestive system of having to go through the process of distinguishing between them.
    And I agree about doing eliminations during the fast. We should do at least 2 – 1 at the beginning of the fast so we have a fresh start at it and at the end to rid ourselves of toxins the body will finally have time to deal with. More elimations may be necessary during the fast depending on how toxic you are or how long you are fasting.
    Like I disclaimed though, I am a rookie faster so what I have said may not work for everyone but it has worked for me and I’m will be at it again in about month. Also because of me being a rookie, I try to organize other folks to do it with me for mutual support but I’ve done it by myself before too – my longest fast actually was solo (12 days).

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      thanks for your response bro. doing these cleanses, i always learn something new. i think it’s good that you organize cleanses with others. even having one person with whom you can share the experience is beneficial. had i been doing this juice fast by myself, i probably would have quit at day 3! LOL.

      much love and happy cleansing to you in the not-so-distant future!!!

  2. Yemi509

    Thanks for this insight, folks! The question I have is: what if juicing is a central part of your diet but you’re not juice fasting—is it still a no-no to mix fruit and veggies?

    PS: That red velvet sounds AMAZEBALLS! I’m about to make that today!

      1. lanitz

        Hi. I have the Jack LaLanne as well. I was wondering if you have a tip for juicing spinach and leafy greens. I feel like they go in one end of the machine and shoot out the other. I only see a few drops of juice coming from it. I roll them up and push something more watery through right after. Is there something else I should/can be doing? Thanks!

      2. Brotha Onaci Post author

        Greetings Lanitz! I sometimes run my leafy greens through the juicer two or three times. Even then, they don’t produce as much juice as an apple or carrot, but i don’t think they need to. The little juice they give provides a LOT of flavor, so i’m sure the leafy greens are giving all they goodness they’ve got. Happy juicing!

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  5. Kathryne

    To produce more juice from leafy veggies, juice them in between harder veggies and fruits. For example, first put in a carrot, while the carrot is still being juiced, put the leafy veggie on top of the carrot, and then put an apple on top of that. Hope this makes sense. = )

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  7. Chris Pantages (@chrispantages)

    Great site. I’ve made a handful of the juices. My favorite so far has been a modified version of citrus flush with red pepper instead of orange and extra carrots (3 instead of 2). I’ve started with one of these every morning before switching to 2-3 mean green for the afternoon and evening. Lost 9 pounds in 3 days so far, even with eating out with a friend one night.

    1. Heather Ray

      woohoo!! congrats! This gives me encouragement. Starting to run and juice tomorrow…hoping I get good results such as you.

  8. Michael Buse

    In eight month’s lost 113lbs with out fast.I’am going to start studying on this before I start as some say this has some risk to it.I juice but add a small amount of protine at dinner, fish chicken lean meat,(deer meat) very lean about the size of a deck of cards.Then a brisk walk one hour.I went from 335lb’s to 217lb’s goal is 190lb’s so juice fasting maybe the way to get there.I’ll report back .plus i was told by doctor’s eight month ago I be dead by now.Boy you see them now when they see my blood test now what a look on there face’s now they want me to give testomony at health classes to maybe help reach someone.O yes i started swimming in morning after a good fruit juicing.

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  10. Kerry

    Technically anything that has seeds is a fruit not a vegtable crazy but true never had issues with having fruits and mixing greens.

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