Brotha Onaci Presents: Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 2

Radiant Soul Selekta, Brotha Onaci, is back with another installment of positive hip hop! This time he’s teamed up with several “underground” artists from the U.S., Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria to liberate your earbuds.

After you’ve enjoyed a few moments of audio abolition, check the artists websites, hit them up on Twitter, listen to more of their offerings on Bandcamp, and show them some love! After that, pass the mix along to your crew and them and encourage them to continue spreading the love.

Many thanks and much Love to all the contributing artists (track list below). It was VERY difficult to keep this mix under 60 mins. because they submitted such great music! Gratitude also to CJ Monk & Powerful P for blessing the mix with some personalized soundbites! And Thank YOU for listening.
We will win!


1. DJ.BasketQASE – “Beat For Frankie Ruiz”
2. R.i.C (Rumor in the Chi) – “Unconditional Love” F. Nicole Eboni
3. The Invisible Enigma – “Strawberry Jam in Jarheads” [sourced from]
4. DETROIT PIStoLS (Power Is Surrendering to Love’s Strength) – “Ground Beneath My
Feet” [produced by Sterling Toles]
5. Just Jay – “Going All In” [produced by TallBlackGuy]
6. Akua Naru – “The Wound” F. Blitz the Ambassador
7. K-Nel – “Nina Nnjaa” F. Kawira [sourced from]
8. Josh – “Throw It Up”
9. Synik – “God Within” [sourced from]
10. Sincerely Yours – “It’s All Good” [produced by Slot-A]
11. Fecko the Emcee – “Flow Global” (Afrobeat Remix) [sourced from]
12. KrisDeLaRash – “Consumption”
13. Emcee Nemesis – “The Children”
14. Neak – “It’s Your World” [produced by INTLMC & Slot-A]
15. Add-2 – “God Bless The Dead” [produced by Slot-A]
16. Abstract Wolff – “Rose Amilla”
17. Vallentine & Arazan – “Dark Sunrise” [courtesy of Slang Audio Records and
Keleketla! Library]
18. K-Von the Great – “I Will Achieve”
19. Amun Miraaj – “Hell”

These artist deserve our support! So please give this mixtape a listen then pass it along to your crew. Then find the artists on bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook, and their websites and show them some love! /Twitter: @Amanu360 /Twitter: @brotha_onaci /Twitter: @Fecko_thaEmcee /Twitter: @Neak_Undefined Twitter: @IAMSLOTA
K-von The Great on Twitter: @kvon216 / Twitter: @rumorinthechi

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Also listen to Radiant Souls Mixtape Vol. 1


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