Liberation Culture: “Independence Cha-Cha”

Grand Kalle‘s, “Independence Cha-Cha,” has been on my mind recently (mainly because i recently got hip to rapper Baloji’s rendition… see below). I first heard the song when browsing a friend’s cds. Grand Kalle’s vocals over the laid back, jazzy vibe, along with the distinct soukous style guitar riffs made me feel so happy that i had to listen to the song several times, desperately trying (but mainly failing) to make out the songs full meaning. I heard “Lumumba,” but was not sure of the context, so i looked it up. I learned that the song became an anthem for the independence movement that was trying to rid itself of it’s Belgian political rulers. Here is an English translation:

English translation version by Franklin Katunda
Ref: Independance cha-cha declared
Oh Freedom  cha-cha we’ve conquered
At the Round Table they won
Oh Liberty cha-cha we’ve conquered!

1. Asoreco and Abako
United as one
Conakat and Cartel
had joined the Front commun.
Bolikango, Kasavubu, Lumumba and Kalondji
Bolya, Tshombe, Kamitatu, oh Essandja, and Elder Kanza.

2. The Mnc, the Ugeco
Abazi and Pdc
The Psa and African Jazz Band
were all victorious at the Round Table!

Listen to the song here:

Recently, the word-renowned artist, Baloji, remade the political classic.


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