Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Power of the Drum

I’ve always been infatuated with the drum. I remember when i was a child (maybe i was 3), i had a plastic drum kit, which i played with obsessively… at least for that first day that i had it! Although i’ve never owned a drum set or learned to play one, i since then been drawn to the raw rhythms that drummers conjure from the depths of the spirit world.

I do believe that drummers have the ability to communicate with the ancestors in a special way. Whether they’re playing the talking drum (my favorite), a djembe, a drum set, or whatever else, each beat definitely delivers a message to my being.

So, i share one of my many musical obsessions this Ol’ Skool Sunday. I hope the rhythms featured here bring positive energy to you as they do to me! Enjoy.

– Brotha Onaci

Babatunde Olatunji, “Jin-Go-Lo-Ba”

Max Roach doing a drum solo


One thought on “Ol’ Skool Sunday: The Power of the Drum

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