Liberation Culture: Some Sounds of South Africa Protest

While on a record digging trip with my good friend, producer-emcee Charles Ski, i found a gem called Forces Favourites: Eleven Songs By South Africans Supporting the End Conscription Campaign. The album is nothing less than amazing! Covering a range of musical style from 80s pop to psychedelic rock, the musicians voice their refusal to participate in the South African Defence Force, which helped the government maintain apartheid.

My favourite song on the album is Mapantsula’s “Pambere.” The song has a great sound, punctuated by the phrase “a luta continua” (the struggle continues) and the word “uhuru.” “A luta continua” was the made popular by revolutionaries in Mozambique during their struggle for independence from Euro-colonial rule. “Uhuru” means freedom in Swahili. There is another word/phrase, ” irikuya,” that i’m not familiar with. I believe that it comes from Zimbabwe. By drawing inspiration from and paying tribute to African revolutions that were being waged in the mid- to late-twentieth century, the song demonstrates the beauty of having a Pan-African and international political purview. It reminds us that our struggles, though experienced based on the unique local conditions, are not isolated from one another.

Check out the song here. If you have any information to contribute, please feel free to help a brotha out! The song is great and i’d love to know/share the correct information about it. Much Love.

– Brotha Onaci

ps- check the fantastic art on the back too!


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