Tryna Get Healthy For The New Year?

Happy 2012!

I hope that you are well. If you — like many people — have made a New Year resolution or intention to improve your health, then you might wanna check out some of the info below.

The first is a great blog that i’ve been checking in recent days, called Finally, No More Acne. It contains great information about everything from detoxing to women’s menstruation. The blog also has some great recipes that i can’t wait to try!

Next, is a film that i watched recently, called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead (watch it for free on Hulu). The first half chronicles that dis-eases and natural cures of a wealthy Australian businessman and explains why he decided to change his lifestyle. The 2nd half follows a trucker whom the businessman met randomly as he was filming his journey. It’s pretty interesting, and i recommend watching it with an open mind and will to learn!

You can literally exercise ANYWHERE!

Finally (for now), i recommend looking into some fitness routines to compliment whatever eating program you find that works for you. I’ve personally been a big fan of Brenden Brazier’s Thrive series. I’ve noticed that the philosophy behind it (looking for nutrient dense, alkaline-forming foods) is now popping up in grocery stores in one form or another. Did i mention that Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) has been on the Thrive program? Keeping all of that in mind, you can be sure that  Thrive Fitness is worth checking out!

If you’re making some changes to your lifestyle, let a brotha know! I’m always happy to listen to folks’ concerns and offer my unprofessional opinion. Also, i’m always searching for health information. If you have some info, raw or cooked vegan recipes, have ventured into the world of detoxing, etc., def hit me up. Much Love.

– Brotha Onaci


8 thoughts on “Tryna Get Healthy For The New Year?

  1. wartica

    Thanks for all the helpful information, Onaci; I think we all need positive goals to set for the next year and on as well..Hope you had a great new year’s day and I look forward to reading more:))

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      Yes, positive goals are important any & every time of the year! I hope your new year is off to a great start. Thanks for checking in. Bless.

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      Fantastic! Thanks for this info. I’m trying to get back into eating more raw foods, at least with regard to getting more fresh greens and a VARIETY of fruits in my life. Also, i’m gonna limit my intake of nut-based dishes. I think that alone (not making nuts and seeds the center) makes eating raw way more affordable.


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