Mixtape Monday: A Year-End Recap Of Sorts

Mixtape Monday is something i look forward to each week (along with my other regular posts). So many great DJs are making their mixes available via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Podomatic, and many other websites, that one can literally get through each week without hearing the same thing twice. There’s a world of music out there, and as long as it’s available, i’m trying to hear it ALL! The downside for me is that i find it hard to develop a strong connection with DJs, artists, and songs in the same way that i did back in the analog days.

For that reason, i’m taking a week or two off from listening to DJ mixes. What that actually means, is that i won’t be binging on them and posting as i usually do. I will, however, ask that YOU go back through the mixtape archive that i’ve been building up by simply clicking on the “Mixtape Monday” tag just below the title for this post. Rediscover some of the talent out there in the World (Wide Web). Leave comments for the DJs you like; i’m absolutely certain that they’ll appreciate hearing from you.

I will be greeting 2012 with some new mixes to promote events i’m getting involved in, as well as to chart some new personal territory as my musical tastes continue to expand and evolve. I’m getting the next “Radiant Souls” mixtape ready for Feb. 2012. Also, “Sonic Diaspora” is still going strong, so i’ll have more of those mixes coming at you throughout the year! I suggest that you stay tuned to my facebook page and get down with my mixserv by emailing me (brotha.onaci@gmail.com) so that you can get everything first!

Much Love & Gratitude for all your support and inspiration.

– Brotha Onaci

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