Mixtape Monday (Sorta): Africa In Your Earbuds # 7

To say that i am excited about this week’s featured mixtape on Okayafrica may just be a bit of an understatement. In fact, i’m ecstatic!!!

In case you’re not familiar with Okayafrica, it is a sister website to Okayplayer. They have a lot of the same focus on great music and innovative culture, but Okayafrica is specifically dedicated to promoting African music and culture.

Every month they release a couple of mixtapes called “Africa In Your Earbuds,” which so far has featured big-named DJs, like Chief Boima and The Very Best. For mixtape number SEVEN (which just so happens to be my number), yours truly is bringing some of that fresh “sonic produce” from Africa that inspires me to boogie on the dance floor, think about the cultural diversity of Africans all over the globe, and (of course) chant down Babylon!

To stream and/or download the mix, just click the album art! Please let me know what you think of the mix here or on my facebook page.

Special thanks to DJ AfroQbano and Baoku Moses whose songs are featured in this mix. Big BIG thanks and love to David Nallah who freshed up the cover art.

– Much Love


3 thoughts on “Mixtape Monday (Sorta): Africa In Your Earbuds # 7

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