Tru Skool Tuesday: Fitness Beyond Verbal Dexterity

Simple question: why are so many emcees & deejays dying and being hospitalized for food-related illness?

In 2010, one of the people who first “taught” me to DJ, Kool DJ Law, died of a heart attack at the “old” age of 40. I was blown. Earlier this year, Nate Dogg died after multiple strokes — and this wasn’t his first time being hospitalized for that. Most recently, We lost Heavy D. That same week Erick Sermon survived a heart attack. At some point, folks have GOT to make some lifestyle changes. I know of too many dope emcees, deejays, and music & culture enthusiasts who are heading down the same path as those who We’ve recently lost, or who — like Erick Sermon — may be headed for the hospital. I personally know many more men and women who are afflicted with similar health problems.

I’m NOT trying to convert folks into my way of living. I think that there are a variety of methods for being healthy, and they do not require folks to completely give up animal products and junk food. But there is plenty of medical research out there that has me convinced that over-consuming processed foods, meats (esp. beef, pork, and poultry), processed sugar, alcohol, and using various other drugs (including many prescription ones that should be as illegal as cocaine) — these will have a dire effect on one’s health, especially when people don’t exercise.

Ask yourself: Who pay$/lose$ when We die (very sloooowly and painfully) of poor health? Who benefit$/profit$ when WE die (very sloooowly and painfully) from poor health. It’s not an accident that so many people are suffering from dis-ease, and that out of those dis-eased people, Black, Brown, and economically oppressed folks are overrepresented.

Okay, i’m soapboxing again… On to Tru Skool Tuesday! The videos below are catchy and informative, so def give them a look-see then pass them on. Shout out to the Vegan Hip Hop Movement!

Much Love & health


7 thoughts on “Tru Skool Tuesday: Fitness Beyond Verbal Dexterity

  1. mike mitchell

    This is really good ed I was just on my boy the other day about all that processed lunch meat but he swears its good for u because the package said so an I tried to tell him there not telling you everything so I might have to let him read this.

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      Fo sho! It’s amazing what companies are able to put on labels and in “food” without any accountability. And We – the consumers – often don’t think twice about it. I recently had to give up a few of my favorite junk foods, because they have “natural vanilla flavor,” which comes from a substance called castoreum. I found out that castoreum is beaver anal gland secretion ( It’s wrong on so many levels to put that in food. I’m esp. mad, because i try not to eat animal products, but they sneak animal products into so many things without telling us!!! It shouldn’t be legal for them to not have to put EVERYTHING on the labels. Who knows what they put in the processed lunch meat.

  2. charleski81

    My biggest problem are those so-called “healthy” chips like Sun Chips. I know those can’t be as good as they say. Do you know of any good alternatives to quiet those bad snack cravings? I eat a lot of fruit and veggies but that doesn’t always do it for me.

    Great post by the way! You made me think of this mtv show I saw years ago where Lil Jon was forced to exercise and the guy could barely jog. Definitely the ugly flipside of a party “24-hour Champagne diet” lifestyle.

    1. Brotha Onaci Post author

      My drug/chip of choice is Kettle, esp. their Tias! I try to drink water and tea when i have cravings. I can also sometimes get myself to eat a salad instead. I’ve gotten mixed results from both of these methods. Some people say that consuming Maca regularly helps curve cravings.

      What works best for me is to NOT have them around, unless i plan to eat them. If they’re not within reach, then i’ll find fruit or something else that’s more whole and that i usually have in stock.

      I hope this helps, fam.


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