Tru Skool Tuesday: Blessed by Some Women in Hip Hop

I recently heard this term “femcee” used in conversation and saw it written in a few articles. At first (like for the 1st ten seconds), i liked the sound of it. Then my critical self asserted that the term “femcee” upholds the notion that “emcee” is inherently male or masculine. That’s a problem.

I find that problematic partially because ever since i became a hip hop head (i believe i was 8-years-old), i heard powerful women bless the mic. And more than just reminding me that women are as important in hip hop as men, they taught me some of my earliest lessons in fighting against sexism. They made me aware that the very fact that there were (and are) way more men than women on the radio, in videos, etc. is a product of patriarchy.  Patriarchy’s impact is felt throughout U.S. society, but has a particularly vicious bite within the entertainment industry because of its absolute hatred of women (aka misogyny), especially Black women who are independent and critical thinkers, and who don’t want their lives and art to solely service men.

Anyway, off my soapbox (for now) and onward to Tru Skool Tuesday. This week’s selections come from Akua Naru, Sa-Roc, and KrisDeLa Rash, three DOPE emcees whom, i believe, deserve the respect that We give KRS-ONE, Black Thought, Lauryn Hill, Talib, Bahamadia, and many others who typically come up in folks’ “Top #” emcee lists.

As always, check out these bangers and share them with your peoples. And if you agree at all with my claim that there are some problematic forces keeping positive, intelligent women such as these at the margins of our cultural “playing field,” then please share their music with a sense of purpose.

– Brotha Onaci

2 thoughts on “Tru Skool Tuesday: Blessed by Some Women in Hip Hop

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