Remembering Miriam Makeba

 This post is dedicated to Miriam Makeba (4 March 1932 – 10 November 2008). She was more than just a talented musician; she was an activist who used her music as a weapon in the fight against South African apartheid. Because of her refusal to submit to her country’s oppressive government, she was exiled from her home until after apartheid formally ended.

If you’re not familiar with her globally-renowned music, take moment to scan youtube for her gems. I’ve included two of my favorites here to help get you started. [update 3/16/2013 –  i originally included Liwa Wechi, however, it has since been removed from youtube. i replaced it with another great track!] 

Rest in Peace & Power, Mama Miriam Makeba.

– Brotha Onaci


This tune right here is one of Makeba’s most popular songs


“Malcolm X”

5 thoughts on “Remembering Miriam Makeba

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  4. chris lewis

    thanks for putting me on to miriam mekeba .. going to check out more of her work. these two songs are great …


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