Tru Skool Tuesday: The Legendary Roots Crew

The Roots recently announced that their new album undun is on it’s way! In (pre)celebration, this Tru Skool Tuesday features some of my favorite Roots songs from their 1st three albums. Don’t worry, i’ll do more Roots features as the album release approaches. For now, i hope you enjoy my reminiscing on the 1990s. And don’t forget to peep their latest single, which features Big K.R.I.T. A link for it is on the picture below the videos.

– Brotha Onaci

My love for The Roots begin with this one… “Proceed.”

I STILL rock “Silent Treatment” like it just came out yesterday.

I didn’t learn about Organix until after Do You Want More?!!!??! “I’m Out Deah” is one of my favorite tracks on that one.

More “Square Roots.” (whatever happened to that name anyway?). My friends and i used to have fun with “Pass the Popcorn” because of my short-lived high school nickname. LOL.

Who can forget this one? “Concerto of the Desperado”

I lost my mind when i first heard “Clones” on the radio!

Check out the Roots new single!


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