Tru Skool Tuesday: J-Live’s Newest Gem Part 2 + Nneka

If you’re a hip hop head and haven’t picked up J-Live’s S.P.T.A. (Said Person of that Ability), it’s time to do so now! The album provides the witty lyrics + dope beats that listeners have come to expect from J-Live. But what i like about this album in particular is the way he chose to make themes from previous songs into a whole new album. He’s done it before; in fact, he does it on several albums. But usually, he transforms a line from a previous verse into a hook. For example, he took the line “what do you when you got twenty two-minute tasks and ten minutes to deal widit?” from “Timeless” (The Best Part, 2001) and converted it into his hook in “Deal Widit” (Always Will Be, 2003). This time, however, J-Live turns previous verses and songs into comical skits that helps move listeners from one song to the next while maintaining the album’s theme.

I honestly could write a scholarly article on each track (for real). But instead, i’ll just direct you to J-Live’s Bandcamp where you can peep the album before you decide whether to commit a few dollars to the cause! Check it out and Enjoy.

Another album worth purchasing is Nneka’s, Soul Is Heavy. For those who are unfamiliar with the beautiful singer-emcee, do a little research so that you can understand why i find this release so exciting! Then get the album and contemplate the problems of the world as well as some potential solutions. If you don’t wanna pay for the import, peruse youtube for a few great appetizers and teasers while awaiting the U.S. version.

After listening to these great artists, and several others like them, i began to question (as i always do) why positive, thought-provoking, and soulful music like this hasn’t saturate the radio station playlists and the music video networks. And why do i have to go out of the way to find out where they are playing? I’m going to turn Nneka back on and think about it some more, then i’ll get back to you.

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