Melodic Smiles. Harmony.

can’t stop
simpering at the newness at
the possibility that presents itself
in the lovely little package
called you

the perpetual past
and its accompanying pain
teach me not
to jump to any
premature conclusions
so i try to keep focus on the ever-present
although an imagined future with you
sneakily tickles my heart strings
making the music in my smile
audible to any and every one
within view

can you hear it,
the melody for which you be muse?
do you dig it?
it plays for you
as each note tours the earth terrain
between texas hilltops
and northside neighborhoods
guaranteeing that every inch of the intervening world
becomes familiar with the tune

won’t stop
embracing the novelty of
the delicious melody in your smile
as it dances on my inner ear
every time you are near
via email, phone call, or txt

with patient
eagerness i await that moment
when our individual grin-melodies
combine to create
harmonic opulence

that’s the roundabout way for
me to say that
you have a knack
for making me smile

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